Hole 1

Black: 573 Blue: 535 White: 511 Gold: 499

This par 5 is one of the most picturesque holes on the course. Two large lakes, connected by a creek, frame the fairway. From the landing area, look back up to the left at the waterfalls cascading down from the 18th green. Three solid, controlled shots to the deep, narrow green will leave you with a birdie putt.

Hole 2

Black: 200 Blue: 178 White: 161 Gold: 135

Water guards the left side of this par 3. Two large bunkers protect the long, tiered green. Depending on your tee shot and the pin placement, you may face a very long first putt. Having proper speed control is very important as your ball rolls over the slopes on this green.

Hole 3

Black: 394 Blue: 375 White: 337 Gold: 309

A well-placed drive over the corner of the lateral hazard vineyards will get you started on this par 4. If you find the fairway, you will be left with a mid- to short-iron approach shot to the green. Take advantage of this birdie opportunity, it maybe your last one.

Hole 4

Black: 472 Blue: 448 White: 427 Gold: 375

A long, straight tee shot is very important on this lengthy par 4. Sauvignon Blanc vineyards on the left and out-of-bounds on the right frame the fairway. Laying up short of the creek, pitching onto the green and walking across the replica of the Swilcan Bridge, from the Old Course at St. Andrews, is the safe play here.

Hole 5

Black: 211 Blue: 182 White: 151 Gold: 146

Syrah vineyards surround the tee boxes on this par 3. Wind can be a factor and choosing a point to aim at can be difficult. Be sure to clear Sheehy Creek and the protected wetlands lining it on your tee shot. One bunker right and another in back will grab errant tee shots.

Hole 6

Black: 598 Blue: 565 White: 536 Gold: 442

This 598-yard par 5 requires three solid strokes to reach the green in regulation. Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah vineyards frame the left side of the fairway, Acacia and Cherry trees frame the right. A lake protects the shallow, tiered green, requiring an approach shot of pinpoint accuracy. Bailing out to the right is a viable option.

Hole 7

Black: 392 Blue: 373 White: 354 Gold: 344

A drive between the bunker left and the Valley Oak right leaves you a good view of the green. From the crest of the hill, you will have a mid- to short-iron approach shot. Two large bunkers frame the relatively flat putting surface. Live Oak, Acacia and Eucalyptus trees stand tall in the background.

Hole 8

Black: 455 Blue: 434 White: 395 Gold: 355

Acacia and Ash trees guard the tees on this par 4. Positioning is the key to your success. Drives that avoid the lake on the right leave you with a long iron to the green. The bunker left and pond right make your approach shot difficult. Par here would be a great finish.

Hole 9

Black: 509 Blue: 480 White: 449 Gold: 443

An accurate tee shot is crucial on this opening dogleg left par 5. A Coastal Oak, large bunker and out-of-bounds protect the right side. Another Coastal Oak guards the dogleg on the left. Play to the middle of the fairway for a chance to get home in two. Two large bunkers protect the gently-sloped green.

Hole 10

Black: 499 Blue: 465 White: 423 Gold: 378

Fagan Creek runs along the left side of this lengthy par 4, making it one of the toughest holes on the course. It will take two solid shots to reach the narrow green in regulation, which is well guarded by bunkers. Par is definitely a good score on this hole.

Hole 11

Black: 528 Blue: 510 White: 491 Gold: 477

Large mounds and a lateral hazard of vineyards line the left side of this par 5. The rolling fairway gently doglegs to the right, leading to a slightly elevated green surrounded by three large bunkers. Being on the correct level of this three-tiered green will be the key to your score.

Hole 12

Black: 361 Blue: 338 White: 326 Gold: 319

Leave your driver in the bag on this par 4. A solid tee shot leaves a comfortable distance for your approach shot over Fagan Creek. A bunker on the right and another in back await your second shot to this small green. Walking away with a birdie is a possibility on this hole.

Hole 13

Black: 447 Blue: 417 White: 361 Gold: 342

A good tee shot on this tough par 4 is very important. With the lake on the left and a large bunker on the right, a perfect drive will find the left-center of the fairway. A mid-iron second shot is needed to reach the elevated, dramatically-sloped green. Par is quite a feat on this hole.

Hole 14

Black: 165 Blue: 166 White: 150 Gold: 139

Take a moment to gaze over the beautiful landscape before teeing it up on this par 3 to the large island green. Flowers surround you as water flows down the waterfall. Redwoods, Oaks, vineyards and green grass fill the panoramic view as ducks and geese swim in the lake…this is what Eagle Vines is all about!

Hole 15

Black: 396 Blue: 376 White: 370 Gold: 336

Another spectacular view from elevated tees awaits you on this par 4. Avoid the lateral hazard vineyards on the left and you will have a short-iron approach. Bunkers protect both sides of this tiered green. With a good drive and well-placed approach shot, you might have a chance for a birdie.

Hole 16

Black: 198 Blue: 185 White: 170 Gold: 160

Being short is better than being left or right on this par 3. With water left and out of bounds right, your tee shot over Fagan Creek is a difficult one. The collection area between the mounds and the green sees a lot of action. This multi-tiered green will test your short game.

Hole 17

Black: 454 Blue: 432 White: 371 Gold: 342

Drive left of the bunker and you will face a long approach shot. The second shot will determine your score on this very difficult par 4. With hazards guarding the long, narrow green, laying up on your approach is not a bad idea. If you escape with a par, hold your head high.

Hole 18

Black: 445 Blue: 420 White: 388 Gold: 381

The right-center of the fairway is your target on this uphill, dogleg right par 4. You must challenge the bunkers and tall fescue on the right; only you can decide how daring to be. Large Coastal Oaks line the left side of the approach to a relatively flat green that sits atop the hill.

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